I’ll go straight to the point.
When it comes to depression, mental health and all of that, a lot of people everywhere say
“Speak up”
“Talk to someone”.
Or when you hear that someone committed suicide, you’re like
“Why didn’t the person say something”

EVERY SINGLE PERSON on earth is fighting internal battles that people can’t see or understand. Some may say “the intensity of these battles vary” but I beg to differ that intensity in this context is objective because what you see as easy to scale through someone may find hard.

So now, you that is saying “open up, talk to someone”, how authentic are you?
People are sensitive to body languages and tone because no one wants to get judged or made to feel their pain is not valid enough a pain.
In truth, personally I’d rather cry my eyes out than tell “some” of my friends if I’m hurting at a point in time. Not because they’re not good friends but I’ve studied them enough to know that our level of sensitivity does not match.

You want to know my thoughts on authenticity in this context…
How open-minded are you?
People are looking for who to bond with.
How patient are you?
Can you listen to someone talk about a particular pain over and over again without making the person feel like he/she is a pest or saying “are we still on this, I thought you would have moved on?”

How helpful can you be?
When someone pours out their heart to you, you just say “ehya, sorry”. It’s a different thing if the person just says “hey, just listen I don’t need comments or advice”
How trust-worthy are you?
Can you keep their secret or you’ll make them regret ever opening up.
How available are you?
Yes, one can never ALWAYS be available mentally, emotionally and physically but there should be some level of availability. Let whoever know how or when to reach you.

There may be other things not mentioned but the next time you want to say “talk to someone, open up…” ask yourself if truly you’re authentic a person enough for someone to share his pain with.

TGIF guys, enjoy your weekend while basking in this reality. 


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