Dear reader,

I welcome you to a one time episode on “mental dilemma”.

Couple of weeks ago, I was thriving, striving for balance, coping with whatever life was throwing at me, making constant decisions, filtering my choices and just going about my day hoping for the best. Up until one day.

I never saw this coming. Let me make this descriptive…

Have you ever had this challenge or problem that you already know is your reality but you just push it somewhere and bury it deep down. Once in a while it can try to re-surface when events force you to go down memory lane but then you snap out and regain balance.

Well this was one of those times and it really hit me because this was really personal but somehow, I felt the whole world was poking at my wound and tearing it. Now, you see those daily challenges I was struggling to pull through with, add that together. Two in one package.

I’m a tough nut to crack but I was broken, I was traumatized, I crashed down to my lowest and I couldn’t believe I wasn’t strong enough for this. I gave in. I tried my best to pull through daily activities because life was not going to pause for me to catch my breath.

Summary, I was going through a mental dilemma that rocked my world, brought pain and hurt that only I could understand, brought questions that nobody would ever answer and left me In a state void of clarity.

I shared this because “THERE’S ENOUGH HIDDEN TRUTHS AND FACADE IN THE WORLD ALREADY”. Plus, it’s no news that every single person is fighting a battle that the next person might never know about including you reading this. There can NEVER be a standard for validating a persons hurt or truth, there is NOTHING as valid or invalid pain and no one has or will ever place anyone as a determinant for deterring or examining pain level.

I understand that not every body can be as strong, not everybody can survive alone. It’s perfectly fine and you’re not abnormal. So here’s me saying.

You are not alone,

Your trauma is not invalid,

Your pain is not void of justification,

Your hurt is as much as important.

Talk to someone if you can,

Channel the energy into doing something positive and don’t forget to always tell yourself…

You matter, You will rise, You’ll survive, You’ll pull through and one day, when you’re ready, you’ll find your voice and everybody will listen to your story of internalized silence.

P.s- I’m doing great now, NO Pity Party Please (p cube)…how cool was that..lol. see you on Friday guys.


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