TGIF people. At the moment I was writing this post, I was deeply overwhelmed. I’ll just run quickly though the summary of the book.

It’s about a beautiful family that were perfect for 10 years until they had to move as against the wife’s wish but the man felt he wanted to explore more and he had given her 10 years. I mean, it’s only fair I get my way too right?They move out to another country and the lady is consumed with anger and fails to see the positive side of things. The man consumes himself in his work , hurt and also retreats that the woman doesn’t want to understand. Family starts breaking up, three years more and the man commits adultery, divorces his wife.

The lady tries to find her footing and comes crashing until she finally yields to Jesus and her life starts falling into place. The mans relationship is not working, he lets the mistress go and wants to come back to his wife and it’s hard but this time they do it together with Jesus.

Looks like a basic story right, I’ll advice you read it for yourself because it tells a lot more on pain, hurt, pride, stubbornness, self righteousness and listening to the voice of God.

I told myself I wasn’t going to search on the meaning of “scarlet thread” until I was done reading the book and now it’s all so clear. Biblical scholars trace it to The scarlet chord Rahab hung on her window that signified her faith and hope in God and in turn, God forgave her not minding the fact that she was a harlot.

Bottom line guys, If he can forgive a harlot…how much more you.

The scarlet chord also signifies the hope that rahab left dangling.

Are you even putting out just a glimmer of hope for him to be able to reach you? Are you trying to reach out to that friend to save your friendship?

Or you’re bent on doing things your own way, in your pride and limited knowledge?

As you step into the weekend, it is my prayer that you do not allow your pride blind you to the opportunities, bliss, saved friendships and relationships and success amongst all other things that are right before your eyes.



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