Hi guys, hope your week is going well…

So yes I’m stale cause I just saw the movie “the hate you give” and lord knows this movie had me all up in my emotions.

I wasn’t just thinking about the injustice when it comes to racial clashes but generally.

It made me see clearly that this world is filled with a whole lot of injustice and half the time what are we told:

“Keep quiet”, “That’s how things have been”, “Forgive and let go”…

We’ve become so accustomed to the aforementioned words that in return we have indirectly made hurt normalized.

Let’s take it to another level…

Search within your heart If my next words sound familiar:

“My dear, all men are the same be happy he’s cheating but still providing and comes home”

“If you tell people, they’ll see you as weak and a child that has been spoilt and used. No man will want to marry you”

“Even if you tell anybody, they won’t believe you”

“Just stay because of your children and believe he’ll change, just be submissive and keep praying for him”

Scenario 1- A cheating husband 

Scenario 2- A girl raped or sexually abused

Scenario 3- A boy raped or sexually abused

Scenario 4- An abusive husband

One thing is common in all these scenarios.

We think injustice can only be seen physically but can’t you see that there’s something as mental injustice?

Connect the dots… that’s why there’s a struggle or opposition because we’ve kept quiet too long and made people comfortable with injustice that they see it as normal and even some as a habit which has become a lifestyle.

What happens when you try to change someone’s lifestyle?

We have lived with a lie for so long by shutting up and thus made “some certain people” in different works of life feel they are living the truth hence fight us when we try to bring out the real truth because they’ve been conditioned to that lie. Thus, some certain truths have become “relative” while in the real sense, one party is in denial simply because the other party kept quiet for too long.

Every single place you find yourself, your voice is your power.

Ask yourself, What are you doing with it?

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