TGIF guys and yeah, HAPPY NEW MONTH.

I came across a mini documentary couple of weeks ago were females were defining the word “strength”. From little girls to teenagers, women,grand mothers and great grand mothers. Just basically a female from different generations.

I looked through the dictionary and the one definition that seemed fair to me in the justification of this word is “the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure.”

Don’t we all struggle with ourselves and our emotions to withstand and fight pressure internally?

Don’t we struggle to hide the tears when everything is overwhelming but we don’t want to be portrayed as week?

Don’t we sometimes just stare into space thinking about our hidden confusions that we can’t talk about because we don’t want to be judged?

Don’t we think about our traumas, the scars that formed the personalities we have today and lock them up in some parts of us because no one can really understand?…

Don’t we have extremely bad days were we want to talk to someone but we fight with self inflicted loneliness because of our trust and uncertainty in humans?…

Strength measured physically will simply be underrated because in truth emotional strength over rides the physical. So this is me telling you that

 You are much more stronger than you think you are.

You survived yesterday, just give yourself a little push and you’ll survive today.

These challenges will just expand your strength elasticity which is needed because well, this life is not for the faint hearted.

This too shall pass and you’ll recount these days with laughter.

Stay Strong this weekend and beyond😊. Have a blessed week and see you on Sunday.


  1. For some reason, I just clicked on this and it was exactly what I needed to hear (or read☺️). Thanks girl, you’re an angel.


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