Hi guys, I trust our week is going well. So this wasn’t actually the post for today but for some reason, I felt I should put this out here. I’ll shake this table a little…

“Sunday MORNING, you’ll dust your Bible and go to church. Post about christ on your social media platforms. AFTERNOON… “it’s going down in the dm”

Dear Lord,

Help me.

Today, I’m in church raising holy hands being overwhelmed by your love, basking in the worship, twirling in the glory that comes with your presence, throwing away all the care in the world to the wind and receiving immediate peace not just from the moment but from the gratification of happiness and content of how far you’ve brought me against all odds.

Tomorrow I’m out there struggling with my spirit and flesh, mentally and probably otherwise. Not forgetting the aforementioned glorious memory but then having a glimpse of a new and diverse one. 

My spirit is ever willing but my flesh lord, my flesh becomes weak.


This is a prayer of help for me and everyone alike.

You said your strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. From how I see it, that strength can only be grace. Not just grace but boundless grace that only you can give.

Yes sometimes, it takes our mistakes to break us and shape us to finally listen to you because only then can we see that life in its actual glory has no alternative and the truth remains that everything revolves around you.

Your direction, your guidance, your care, comfort, correction and love.

So here’s me saying from the deepest part of my heart.

Help me, Help me.

Broken as I May be

Proud as I May be

Strong Hearted as I May like to be

I’ll fail woefully going through this journey on my own. 

Release your grace to me Lord and everyone alike.

This is my prayer of help

Help me, Help us.

See you on Friday guys. Don’t forget to repost.

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