So for starters, I’m huge on traveling. Funny how growing up, my dad never used to let me travel but once I got into college, I leveraged on every opportunity I had to travel and well now that I’m out of college, I still want to travel even more.

I’ll go straight to the point though. A colleague of mine took me to see her reason because he lives in the mountains and I wasn’t disappointed, the scenery was beautiful…

What it looked like

At some point during the visit, I let my mind wonder and I realized that if anything, you have the choice to be insignificant In this world and do nothing but take care of you.

Currently in a state called New Hampshire and when I mention it to people, they’re like “where is that?” and I go “it’s an hour away from Boston”. New Hampshire is a beautiful and quiet state that you can hide-out in and live a quiet life, as well as many other countries and states that (I’m yet to visit). Thing is I can also DECIDE to zone out, go off all social media platforms, start a new life, make new friends here and be in a different community.

The point of this however is that I’ve just learnt through traveling how in-depth CHOICE can be.

So what I actually want you to think about today when making a decision is…


Especially on General life decisions such as a career or even a life partner. Trust me, you don’t necessarily need to travel outside the country to really know that there are over 7 billion people in the world for you to SETTLE or MANAGE and there are also beautiful careers that might tickle your fancy entangled with other people’s cultural craft and traditions. You really never can tell.

Are you exploring your options properly?

Well, if you’re uncertain…have a rethink today. Sit yourself down and ask YOU important questions that you know only the open minded you can answer.

On a very personal note too, I mean it’s not compulsory and you don’t have to do it. You can start saving up to travel. Start with living your state to another state to visit their historical sites or popular places. Have an open mind and you’ll most likely experience what I’m saying and more. Just putting it out here that traveling actually does something to you.

Have a splendid weekend guys.

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