Season 1 Episode 7

Growing up, I heard about the Rwanda genocide, in the Rwanda civil war that involved the Hutu and Tutsi. Then, I saw the movie “HOTEL RWANDA”. I think that’s a movie I’ll never forget it’s horrific scenes in a rush and I watched in not more than twice. I can’t even imagine what happened in the actual war. However, today I’m not here to tell you about that war but just about the tribes in Rwanda. You can read the war up (GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND)

So there are three major tribe groups in Rwanda:

  1. Hutu

They make up the main ethnic majority in Rwanda, more than 84% of the Rwandese population is Hutu. The Hutu people speak Rwanda-Bundu as their native language. Rwanda-Bundu is divided into two dialects; Kinyarwanda and Kirundi which are the official languages of Rwanda and Burundi respectively. Some of the Hutus also speak French.

2. Tutsi

The Tutsi are a sub-ethnic group of the Banyarwanda who are found primarily in Rwanda and Burundi. They are the second largest ethnic group in Rwanda accounting for 15% of the population. There is the northern and southern Tutsi. The Tutsi have lived in the Rwanda for over 400 years and have intermarried with the Hutu. Before the arrival of the colonialist Rwanda was ruled by the Tutsi Monarchy. The Tutsi’s native language is the Rwanda-Rundi which is subdivided into Kinyarwanda and Kirundi. Many Tutsi also speak French as a second or third language

3. Twa

Twa people are an ethnic minority in Rwanda accounting for only 1% of the population. They are semi-nomadic hunters and gatherers living in association with agricultural communities. The Twa arrived in Rwanda alongside the Hutu as distinct people and also mixed ancestry in the 15th century AD. The expansion of agriculture and increased logging has forced the Twa to leave the mountain forests for new homes. They have been marginalized with little access to basic amenities like schools. They continue to suffer discrimination and prejudice due to their pygmy ancestry.

Well, there you have it on Rwanda. See you on Thursday.

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