Often times, before your fear feeds off your insecurities, your insecurities have already been nibbling from your fears and gaining all the weight.

You’re scared to go out without make-up because of the terrible break outs, you’re insecure about your appearance. You’re scared to rock that banging bikini because of the stretch marks on your hips going down to your thighs, you get insecure about your body.

You’re scared of speaking in public because of your “thick accent”, you get insecure about talking, public speaking, you start questioning if you’re even making sense and second guessing your intelligence. The List is long and easier said that done but this week, JUST DO IT AND WATCH OUT FOR THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN. IF YOU DIDN’T DIE ON THE SPOT, CONGRATULATIONS!!! CONTINUE AND SHAKE OFF THAT FEAR.

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