Season 1 EPISODE 8

Hi People, so going straight to the point…

Kinyarwanda is the national and most popular language of Rwanda. Other languages spoken by the wonderful people of Rwanda are Kirundi, French and English.


Murakaza neza = Welcome

Muraho = Hello

Amakuru? = How are you?

Ni meza = I am good

Hashi zi jeyeytili tuta bonana = Long time no see

Witwa nde? = What’s your name?

Mwaramutse = Good morning

Mwiriwe = Good afternoon

Mwiriwe neza = Good evening

Muramuke = Goodnight

Murabeho = Goodbye

Umunsi mwiza = Have a nice day

Yego = Yes

Oya = No

Mbabarira = Sorry


Bangwe = Stop

Neza = Good

Kaze = Welcome

Ndibaza = Maybe

Bwakeye / Mwaramutse = Hello, good morning

Mwiriwe = Good afternoon / Good evening

Ijoro ryiza = Goodnight

Urugendo gwiza = Have a good journey

Amazi = water


Don’t say my blog doesn’t do anything for you when you bump into someone from Rwanda or you take a trip there.

In other news, stay tuned because we’ll be wrapping up on Rwanda this Thursday and showing you the most amazing places you need to visit when/if you ever decide to go there.

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