Heyyy people,

Trust your week is going on well and if it isn’t, I trust that somehow you’ll be fine because…well, I’m about to tell you something that is normal and you most likely beat yourself up about it. So let’s talk about competition from a different perspective .

Have you ever seen your friend doing better than you CAREER AND EVEN RELATIONSHIP WISE. Bagging those deals and cashing out and it’s like “God when”, “do these people have two heads” and you get jealous. Don’t worry it’s normal to accept it, don’t fight it just calm down…lol.

It’s absolutely normal to be jealous at a friends success and upliftment or promotion, especially when you’re in the same industry. Jealousy as an underlying factor in competition is easily overlooked because people do not want to be tagged “haters”. However, it is important to note the key issue here is what you do with that jealousy.

Are you using it as a push to strive forward or you’re plotting on ways to bring that person down. Sometimes, the jealousy doesn’t even last. It comes for a split second and vanishes. This just shows that you also want to succeed, you’re a human being too and you want what is good.

So yeah, competitive jealousy is inevitable and can be healthy or unhealthy depending on you. Stop beating yourself up. What’s most important is how you channel that underlying jealousy as a push to get up there.


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