Hi guys,


If you’ve been having an “emotionally vibleless week”, welcome to my boat. I’m just sending you love and light to do what you have to do regardless. HAVING SAID THAT, I’ll go straight to the point.

I was working with my 62 year old chef (a woman). Just to help exaggerate how cranky she can get.

We ran out of a recipe and I’m like “Hey, we ran out of this and she goes THEN MAKE ONE LOIS!, look through the recipe book”. I’ll stop there.


From change, to clothing, to designs and graphics, to food, to books, to new genres. Some of you even want an app that does a particular function and you’ve not found it. You’ve only found similar apps. So now, I’m pulling my chef on you, MAKE ONE!. I’m not saying steal somebody’s idea, I’m saying

If it’s not existing, MAKE ONE!

STOP sleeping on that dream and vision. Your recipe book can be something similar to what you want to do that you take as a guideline and tweak it to what you eventually want.

STOP shying away, stop settling for an alternative when you can create the big deal.

Have a good Wednesday.

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