Hi guys

So I’ll be talking about support and taking it to a different dimension today. If you’re on this table, it is my wish that you not only roll over, but you fall and scatter it. That way we get to learn.😊

You venture into entrepreneurship and kick start that business you always wanted to do. You expect your friends or even your partner to support you but they don’t support you to the extent you want. Then you realize that it’s the people that you don’t expect and are not in your close circle that show you this support.

Now, don’t go snapping your fingers “Loud it Lois, loud it for those at the back to hear”.

It’s you I want to talk to, yes you. I’m not done yet…

As humans, it is very important that we understand the word RELEVANCY in sync with DIFFERENCE. What is relevant to me might not be to you because we’re humans and we’re different. So you might be going about a good cause and your friends repost or show love not as you expect but once in a while and that’s okay, no need to feel entitled , be grateful.

BUT In just a paragraph summary 

True support transcends beyond that. It is going out of the way, it is going beyond your relevancy because someone else you may know may find your irrelevancy relevant and by so doing, you’ve bridged the gap between your friend and someone she’s not aware of. You’ve helped your friend and you’ve met someone else’s need.

I’m just saying…Think about it.

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