Fight the good fight of faith,

Survival is for the fittest,

Stand up and fight because you’re not a coward,

When you hit rock bottom, you have to fight with everything you have to get back on your feet, 

Fight for your destiny,

If you love him , fight for him,

If you love her, fight for her,

Life is not gonna give you success, you have to fight hard for it if you know you truly deserve it.

These days it seems like lesser wars are fought in the battle field of the world and more battles are fought on the sloppy hills of our hearts. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We constantly fight to strive for balance between our emotions and the behaviour that we manifest to avoid been called insane, week, delusional, afraid.

We fight to maintain our sanity within the mental arenas of our hearts. We fight to stay calm regardless of the challenges, we fight to put ourselves there irrespective of the fact that we may feel overwhelmed sometimes.

We fight because we have to do what we have to do.

We fight even when we’re tired of fighting.


Because we just can’t give in.


Because the option is not even there to tick on life’s question sheet.

To let yourself be deceived it’s there, is you seeing a shadow of life.

Every single person is constantly in a battle. Not with a strange opponent but with their own internal self. 

This isn’t a fair battle because you know more about you than a strange opponent. You may think the more reason the fight shouldn’t be tough. You have no idea what familiarity does. Don’t underestimate your emotions.

Keep striving, keep fighting.

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  1. Ahhhhh Lois, preach on… This is nothing but truth. The battle with yourself is and will always be the most significant one in determining the direction of your life. It’s just so sad that somehow some people have become so comfortable playing the blame game. Well done dear.


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