Hi guys,

How are you, hope you’re doing okay and your week is coming up well.

Very quickly,

So an older colleague of mine dropped me off at work the other day and in the car we got talking. I didn’t even know she was as old as with grown up kids. 

Then she goes “do you have a kid” (the way people have been asking me this question here is not even funny. It’s enough to put family pressure on you but thank God I know better). I’m like No I don’t and she’s like Good. Don’t have them till you’re like 30. You’re well established, have a house and all.

Hah, In my mind I’m like “30 is too far oo”. So I tell her 30 is far and she’s like just saying because once they come you never really have time for anything again and I could relate to her point. The thought was just making circles in my head. Then I asked myself…

Are we ever really ready for anything in this life?

Let’s be honest.

Are we ever ready for love when it comes. The heartache, the trust, the whole process of being there for someone and embracing someone else’s flaws… or we just embrace it and hope for the better. Are we 100 percent ready to take our career to the next height, the thought of the sleepless nights alone, the calculated and uncertain risks, the sacrifices…

Are we ever even ready for intense growth, intentionality, telling ourselves truths, learning and unlearning our false ideologies that are deep rooted in us…



So this is me telling you…

Embrace the moment realistically. Maximize what you can, Achieve what you can, learn what you can, push yourself while you can and yes…even if love happens unexpectedly and you’re positive it’s going to be worth the turbulent ride, fall while you can and fall hard.



  1. Love does not exist. It’s all an illusion most people create to in other to escape the torment of this life. I will choose living alone anytime over anything else. No human is capable of love, most of us are too selfish to love another genuinely.


    1. humans aren’t capable of love without God. That’s why God’s nature is in us as christians. Love isn’t pain, that’s just the human modification of love.

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  2. Omg I love this blog. I totally agree o, you can never truly be completely ready for most of the significant life decisions you have to make. I have learned practically that if you want to wait till you are completely equipped (financially, psychologically, emotionally etc) before you make some significant moves, you’ll keep waiting for a time that will never come. For the most part, you learn as you go, you know. You get more equipped for the struggles you’ve chosen as you make progress. Some people want to be “Ready” so they never have to “fail”. Sometimes we forget that “failure” is part of the journey to greatness. No matter how many books you read, how many seminars you attend, how many mentors you have, or how much money you have, you’re still going to make some mistakes along the way. However if you’re committed enough to your goals, you will pick yourself up, learn your lessons and keep going. Just my thoughts.


  3. To answer your question, I honestly think we’re never ready. We always feel safer in our comfort zone until an external force pushes us or causes us to act. When we finally begin that thing we’re not ready for we’re like “it’s not so bad” (or maybe not🤷‍♀️) then we begin to settle in. When it’s time to move again or make changes, we’re reluctant, we come back to square one, the ‘I’m not ready’. So I think we never really are “ready”. Even in love. (It’s even worse here)


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