Hi guys, Just checking that everything is alright with you and hoping your week is going fine. So the past months have been overwhelming and It has just made me look more deeply into things. One of which is what I’m about to share on happiness.

I used to join the band wagon of people that believed that happiness is free until one day I was studying and I came across a friends post asking if “happiness was free” and without thinking twice, I said NO and this is why…

Merriam Webster dictionary will tell you that happiness is a ” state of well-being and contentment”. Now quick and honest question.

How many times are you completely well, emotionally and physically? (I’ll live financially out of this just for the sake of being extremely rational). Physically can even be a long shot. How content are you emotionally?, be honest with yourself.

Do the math from your answer. Now don’t have the thought of “I’m surviving, I’ll thrive, It’s life and all of that…” I mean just be raw and blunt. Now I ask you…

Do you think Happiness is REALLY FREE?

In my opinion, it’s a NO.

Like you have to fight for your peace, your sanity and mental health, you have to fight for your happiness. You have to fight to evaluate and rid yourself off those people you call friends that are toxic in your space, you have to clear your emotional and mental surroundings, know what you want, be wiling to get it and give yourself what you truly desire because no one is going to do that for you but you.

So yes, because you don’t get to pay physical cash for a product doesn’t make it free. Some products without price tags are actually more expensive than products that have price tags. Happiness I dare say, is one of them.

Keep staying beautiful and fighting against all odds to make yourself happy.

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