Hi guys, TGIF!!! I hope your weekend is about to be a turnt as mine😌

So yes I’ve been in the United States for over four months and I just felt I should give a mental account of what this four months have brought for me just to inspire someone out there.

For starters, I came here on a work and travel program which means I get to work and travel when I want to and as cool as that may seem, trust me, it has had its moments.

Initially, things were good, I had my sister  and a colleague and then the tough journey started, I had to look for extra jobs because I mean if I can get more money with my free time, why not. So I started working longer hours, got sleep deprived, had break outs, emotional tantrums.

At some point, I had a serious mental break down over an issue that took me to rock bottom and guess what, life didn’t stop. A sister had to keep working if she had to get money to eat, give herself the life she wanted and pay her rent (I don’t have sugar daddy 🤦🏽‍♀️ so you see my predicament). Thankfully, I scaled through that.

My sister had to go back to school, my colleague left for another job so I was just about the only black girl and person in my area and that was a very perfect timing for xenophobic attacks (trust me, you don’t want to be in that kind of situation in a foreign land) and then it got really lonely and it hit me the first days and it was just like “Lois, you’ve always wanted your space so let’s see how you can maximize this loneliness”. I took it as a challenge and started working on different projects, different ideas, taking more online courses and working on my blog and right now, you have no idea what I have up coming when I get to Nigeria (fingers crossed).

In summary guys, its been tough, I’ve had to create my happiness, vacay, chill out, blog, learn, control my anger and frustrations and most importantly, CLING TO GOD because if he wasn’t with me through out these months, I would have completely lost it. So yeah, this is as much of a summary I can give.

To someone out there struggling and thriving, just keep telling yourself “it’s temporary, it’s a phase and one day it’ll come to an end” because it actually will. So keep pushing because being tired or giving up never pays the bills, funds your dreams/ideas or gives you the life you want and deserve.

P.S, I’LL most likely be having a good manicure session when you get to read this.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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