My country is plus 1 today.

Africa my Africa!

Nigeria my Africa!

My Nigeria where our constitution is against us,

My Nigeria where citizens cast stones on the government and fail to forget that our environment created those people,

My Nigeria where education in its entirety is still far from us,

My Nigeria where we don’t value our own lives and somehow we expect other countries to value our lives,

My Nigeria they call a failed state,

My Nigeria where the systems and institutions are collapsed,

My Nigeria where the world “thinks” we’re fraudsters.

Yes it’s My Nigeria. 

It’s also My Nigeria that as a people we’ve not given up on ourselves,

It is My Nigeria where the Orange and Akara seller still make some money to feed.

It is my Nigeria that despite the strength of the currency, we do not owe our government.

It is my Nigeria that no matter how poor people are, they eat food when they see it (las las they soak garri and be in good shape) 

It is My Nigeria that yes the below average cannot afford $5 KFC and pizza but they don’t have abnormal fat cases.

It is My Nigeria that I cry for everyday,

It is my Nigeria that has been brutally scarred by colonial influences but still stands tough and strong.

It is My Nigeria that gives me high blood pressure whenever I try to think about it but I wouldn’t trade it for any country.

As we turn a year older,

It is my wish to see a Nigeria of collective effort, of continuous growth, of breaking stereotypes, of love, unity and togetherness.

Happy birthday Nigeria.

(The rejected Stone shall be the corner stone. Arise Nigeria, shine for the glory of God has already risen upon you and you will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ever imagine and they ever thought.

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