Hi guys, it’s Wednesday and I hope you’re doing good.

So yes, I was pretty direct with my title and I’ll go straight to the point starting with myself.

I had the most challenging four months just recently in my entire life and trust me, PHYSICALLY wise I just had myself and 98 percent of times I had to pick myself up and say “baby girl, you’re almost there, you can do it, just one more push”. 

Now initially, things got so overwhelming and quite frustrating at the same time and I was trying to be strong for me because I just have this habit of being very emotional on zee world movies (the few times I watched them), comedy movies with happy endings, tragic movies… You name it. I can cry and weep just because “it’s touching” BUT you see when it comes to real pain, I struggle to not cry.

So I just got tired and one day, I actually just wept, not even cried and the more challenges I faced, I just continued my crying then continued doing life. I just felt “you know what, I’ve had enough, I’ll keep crying and moving on and continue doing life cause it just felt like I was relieving myself off that stress and all that frustration and the sweetest part is when you just even cry and fall asleep.

Shifting from me, MEN IN THE HOUSE I’m pretty sure this might not appeal to you because not just society, but 98% of your fellow “bros” will see you as weak if you cry but don’t worry, nobody told you to cry in the open or cry on instagram live video. Not up to 6 people in my entire life have seen me cry deep tears.  So just like how you pray those deep prayers with nobody…

Cry when you’re tired of the pressure, when you feel choked, when everybody is telling you “man up”, when you’re gender is being unnecessarily questioned even in your frustration “are you not a man?”. Nobody ever said there was a black and white rule to doing life.

So you, yes you, shut the door, cry, weep, dry your tears, wash your face, put some make up on, come out a king, come out a queen and 


Enjoy the rest of your week guys.


  1. Nobody truely understands.
    We are varieties shaped up by past fears, failure and faith.
    The only one that does is our creator but we must keep going, for the harvest is much#smiles#


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