Dear lord,

We’re not perfect.

If anything, we’re very far from it.

On being intentional,

We expect others to be intentional on our behalf.

On being self conscious,

We turn a blind eye.

On being self-aware,

We’d rather be aware of other people’s flaws.

This is why we fail,

Fail to do justice to the internal problems we have that most likely birthed our deepest secrets while looking above our shoulders to condemn, sugar coating and fine tuning our wrongs.

We commonize what enters our hearts. While pointing a finger at others, we fail to see that our other four fingers are pointing to us and telling us to examine and search our own hearts.


We pray not just to be self aware, to be conscious and to be intentional.

We pray to be disciplined enough to implement and save ourselves from the futuristic problems of our Indiscipline.

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