Hi guys


So yes yes,

I was at work one day and I zoned out and went in my head . I started thinking of every trial passed, every challenge scaled through, every situation surpassed and at some point I was confused.

I’m like, God does it ever end?

Why don’t I just give up right now?

What’s the point in all of this and it was just everywhere in my head cause I was literally tired of everything.

You know that point you get to where you’re just like I’m dropping everything, whatever happens will happen, what could probably be the worse?

But then memories started flashing.

Of how I didn’t have it all together but the next day I had to be back on my grind, how I was at rock bottom and life told me “suck it up” because I was in a tight spot and I overcame that.

Flashing images of nights where I’ve prayed, I’ve cried and I’ve told God “you know what, I’m tired, I’m tired” but somehow I found strength the next day.

So here’s me telling you, just as you see that scar on your body and remember the incident that birthed it; and for whatever memory it may bring, one of pain, regret, gratitude, you still REMEMBER.

Now sometimes, just let your mind sweep through those tough times, those breaking moments, those secret tears. You made it then and you can continue pushing .

Again, just as you remember the memories that birthed your physical scars. Remember the memories that you’ve had to go through on your journey to survival for those are your winning scars and one day, you’ll bare them to the world.

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