Season 1 Episode 20

This is the final episode on the Ugandan series and we’d be looking at the places you can visit when you are in Uganda either for a trip, break or official duty.

Murchison Falls – It is located in the northwest part of Uganda in the city of Kampala. Murchison falls is associated with the National Park which shares boundaries with districts like Busiya, Masindi, Nwoya and Kiryandongo.

Murchisson Falls

The water fall goes through a narrow 8 metres gorge before it opens into a large powerful water fall with loud roaring. Do not forget to visit the conservation center which is the National park where you’d see wildlife such as elephants, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes, African lions and so on.

Kampala City – This is the capital city of Uganda which is located at the center of Uganda and is the most diverse city in Uganda. Kampala is home to many cultural and historical places for people to explore and have a great holiday.

Some attractions in Kampala city include;

  • Bulange which is the parliament of the Buganda Kingdom
  • Kasubi tombs which homes the tombs of many Buganda kings
  • Uganda museum
  • Baha’i temple which is the only Baha’i temple on the African continent
  • Uganda martyrs shrines
  • The Independence monument

Jinja City – Jinja city is a colonial town located at the Eastern part of Uganda. It is sometimes referred to as East Africa’s adrenaline city as it welcomes a large number of tourists yearly.

You can view the world’s longest river, Nile River where it begins from Jinja city. Activities such as boat cruise, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking can be done here.

Nyero Rock Paintings – this site is situated at Kumi town is beautified with prehistoric rock paintings. These paintings can be found in three separate rock shelters and have been well preserved for ages. The paintings portray images of circles, animals and canoes.

Rock painting on Nyero Rock

Entebbe Zoo – this zoo is located near Lake Victoria and is considered as one of the best zoos in East and Central Africa. It is referred to as Uganda Wildlife Education Center. Some animals that are rescued from animal traffickers and poachers can be found in the zoo. It also has a botanical garden where numerous beautified with many plant species.

Giraffes at Entebbe Zoo

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – this park is located at the Kanugu district in the South western part of Uganda. It houses Uganda’s oldest and most biological diversity containing a large number of different plants and animals.

One of the unique sights that can be behold are the mountain gorillas moving through the mountains and lush vegetation.

Edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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