Hellllur people, it’s mid-week and I’m hoping you’re doing great.

I’ll go straight to the point.

Some of us are so impatient.

I’m taking the front seat here because I’m guilty as charged.

However, we have left the normal impatience and carried it to our feelings.

I’ll explain don’t worry.

Some days back, I wasn’t feeling so good. When I don’t feel good, I don’t lie to myself. I was happy and all of a sudden, my mood just flipped. Firstly, I knew it wasn’t normal (leave this one for me) So I was just talking to God about it. I’ll pause.

Now, most times when we don’t feel so good. We don’t even take out time to analyze WHY. If we got triggered by the environment or someone’s words or we remembered something. We don’t take time to catch our breath. Immediately we start looking for how to snap out of that feeling. Someone will think there is an award for snapping out so fast when in the real sense of it, most likely no one knows how you feel.

Dear friends,

It’s okay to know you don’t feel okay and not be able to say exactly why.

Sometimes e be like that. Sometimes e nor be like that.

Then again, you never know what you’ll find if you analyze and question that feeling first before trying to snap out of it.

Bond with yourself not only by spoiling yourself but by soul searching intensely too.

You actually never really know what you might find. Be patient with your feelings.


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