Season 1, Episode 25

For a while, we’ve been using focusing on Ethiopia and its people and it has been amazing.

Today, we’d be learning something new from Ethiopia, we’d be learning some new languages and common phrases that can be used to communicate.


Hello – Akkam

Bye – Negaa-ti

Congratulations – Baga gammadde

Sorry – Naa dhiisi

How are you? – Akkam Jirtuu?

Goodnight – Nagaan-bulii

Okay – Tole

No – Miti

Thank you – Galatoomi


Hello – Selam

Good morning – indemin aderatschu

Good evening – indemin ameschatschu

Good night – dehna ideru

How are you? – indemin walatschu

Bye – tschao

Goodbye – dehna hunu

I am fine – Dehina nenyi

Where are you from? – Irisiwo keyeti noti

I am from… – Ine ke nenyi…

Yes – Aw

No – Aj

Okay – Ischi

Thank you – Ameseginalew

You’re welcome – Minim ajdel

I am sorry – Betam asnalew


Welcome – Soo dhowow

Good morning – Subax wanaagsan

Good afternoon – Galab wanaagsan

Good evening – Fiid wanaagsan

Goodnight – Habeen wanaagsan

Goodbye – Nabadeey

Hi – Haye

How are you? – See tahay

I’m good, thanks – waan fiicnahay, mahadsanid

I am sorry – Waan ka xumaahay

I am happy – Waan faraxsanahay

What is your name? – Magacaay?

How old are you? – meeqo sanaad jirtaa

Where are you from? – halkee ka timid?

I’m a student – arday baan ahay

Are you okay? – ma fiican tahay?


Hello – Selam

Welcome – Merhaba

Good morning – dehaando hadrika (m) / hadirkee (f)

Good afternoon – dehaando weelka (m) / weelkee (f)

Good evening – dehaando amsika (m) / amsikee (f)

Goodbye – dehaan kun

Yes – u-we

No – aykonen

Please – bejaka (m) bejakee (f)

Thank you – yekanyeley

Excuse me – yikrie-ta

I’m sorry – aytehazeley

How are you? – kemay aleka (m)/ alekee (f)

My name is… – shemey. iyu

I don’t understand – ayeterede-anen

Edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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