Weeeeee ooooo

Waaaaa ooooo

For some reason guys, someone thought to make a general call and response for corpers. Oh well, it’s not as bad ,if anything, it is enjoyable.

Let’s get down to my short Abuja experience.

It was a priceless feeling when I arrived at the orientation camp 11pm almost midnight and petty traders started yelling “corper welcome, corper you’ll need, corper na me come first, corper you be government pikin now oo, corper let me hold your box(off course it was locked)😂😂. It was overwhelming.

For the podcast on the proper camp gist,

Here’s the link:


We’re out of the camp and I get to do a few run arounds to sort myself out before heading back to my city and these are the things I noticed.

To a very good extent, the Capital lives up to her name. The roads are vast and lush. The mountains everywhere makes it all colourful. Organization to an extent with taxi drivers (which was a bit annoying) because in other cities I’ve visited, there are mini parks were taxi drivers going to a particular location stay to pick up passengers but in Abuja, the reverse is the case. Passengers wait at designated places mostly under high way bridges or pedestrian bridges then taxis stop, pick up and zoom and sometimes the wait can be annoying.

Abuja Mishai is top notch, so other cities should leave it for them. Very affordable, well prepared with all the veggies(this Aboki even added small curry for me). Long story short I ate it and went to heaven.

Accommodation can be expensive pending the area, Food can also be expensive if you like restaurant meals and if you’re small and educated like me, be ready to be called “YARINYA” in your work place.

These are just the basic guys. Enjoy the rest of your week till we meet on Friday.😌❤️

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