Hi guys, so it was my Birthday on the 6th of December and although this is coming late I still felt the need to do an appreciation post for myself

Sometimes her irrationality gets the best part of her but she’s not judging herself.

She’d rather rant on social media with the freedom that comes in knowing she’s not selling herself to the slavery of vulnerability with one person all over again.

Her anger reigns down like fire and brimstone having an intense conversation.

When she breaks a tear sometimes, she falls in line and dries it before the air passes.

Other times, she rocks herself and lets the tears roll down peacefully.

Make no mistake,

She has a lot of love to give and a lot of care to replenish the earth,

She has a variety of jittery morning messages to go round the globe,

She can be a happy child, pending on how you treat her.

She wears her feminine pride with humility, grace and poise subconsciously.

She’ll treat you with the perception she senses you exude.

She exhibits qualities so widespread like the peacocks feather.


In a world were reality and balance fight on crossroads, she is the diplomat that brings them together. She is the merger with a humor. She is the greatest mix of sweetness and fierceness you’ll ever see. She is a lover of ABBA and she has refused to SETTLE for anything or anyone less than the ambiance her soul piques and deems satisfiable to her standards.

Pictures below:

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