Hi guys, it’s mid week and I hope/trust you’re doing fine. So I’ll go straight to the point.

Here’s a link to my birthday post just incase you missed it: https://loispiration.com/2019/12/09/the-6th-of-december-woman/

Let’s rewind to NYSC Camp and Lois sees she has the opportunity to play her favorite sport for her platoon and so she’s excited and starts training. On the day of the first outing, Lois’ platoon wins but Lois was so tensed so she messed up most of her services and feels really bad. Yup, Lois is me and I am Lois(definitely)

After the March, I felt quite bad cause I love volleyball and I just wanted to do better for my team. I started contemplating if I wanted to play for the next match cause I didn’t want to mess up again and make them fail. Hence the highlight of this post.

I’m standing in line on the parade ground and my platoon commander is doing his routine checks, talking to us, moving around and all then he gets to me and starts talking about the match how disorganized I was, like just bashing me basically. Sometimes people bash you, say harsh truths to you for you to step up your game but this wasn’t me at that point.

What I learnt here is sometimes people know they’ve messed up and they’re beating themselves up already. A different approach could have been “Hey, how do you really feel about yourself in the match” . Summary guys, I never give up anything I like easily but I told the coach I was pulling out.

You don’t know how much someone is trying to battle or conquer an issue. If you’re not encouraging, please keep quiet. People don’t need you rubbing their failures in their face.


  1. I love this..people need to encourage not discourage. If i fail or mess up at something its obviously not intentional all one needs is encouragement, dont robb my mess up in my face.. beside most of those who crticize are not perfect at least i stepped up to do something.


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