Hi guys, TGIF!!!

So I just finished reading a part of Francine Rivers lineage of grace series “unspoken” and I have one or two to say.

The story revolves around Bathsheba and how she was perceived, how her affair with David caused him a lot and the likes (you can always google this to find out the Bible passages and help yourself)

In reading this, one word kept re-occurring in my mind “mercy”

I had to check the dictionary meaning and through the book got to understand how deep it ran. A woman who was condemned by all as an adulteress, and eventually, her son becomes king?? How?????

In my little meditation, same thing happened to David. The man after God’s own heart that murdered, committed adultery and the likes but still loved by God. Clearly a sinner too but the intent of his heart was more important to God. The genuine repentance each time he faltered, the willingness to change, the love for God in psalms. The awe of David and bathsheba is just striking.

A lot of us feel one mistake can define us, one mistake is our lifetime consequence, one mistake should be our judgement and our end. While some of us genuinely want this relationship with ABBA and we try so much when we feel we falter. Sometimes we give up, other times we feel our efforts are not good enough and there are times where we just self-ask if we’re ever going to get there. Should sin continue so that grace may abound, GODFORBID BUT…


Hold on, don’t let go, don’t stop running to him. His mercies run deep, let him be the judge, let him search your heart, hear your pleas and let him deal with you accordingly.

Don’t stop trusting God. Indeed, he’s not done With you just yet. For his mercies are his forgiveness in understanding and they are new every single day. But don’t forget, he knows the true intent of your heart.

Have an amazing weekend.


  1. Every body needs to understand that they are notin without God. So lets all see that we dont neglect that.. lois keep inspiring us yes


  2. Quite an amazing piece. Wow, there’s a lesson to be learnt and I’m sure this would help change other people’s mindset as well.


  3. When i read this it actually spoke alot to me because this kind of revolves around me
    We are sinners we still mess up it doesn’t mean God still doesn’t love us.. one sin can’t define your life its all in mindset… as long as God is alive his mercy endures forever and it manifests in our lives….nice one lois


  4. God loves us regardless. He doesn’t bless and then take. What we need to do is understand that when we sin and confess, and ask God to forgive us, he does so. What’s left is for us not to keep having the guilt, let go.


  5. I remember having a conversation with you ion this guy’s book. Amazing how the love of God is beyond anything. And seeing God show His love through mercy on David was amazing. Good read dear.

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