Hi guys, it’s mid week and I thought I should drop some empowering love post before the year finally wraps up cause its been a while I believe.

A very big shout out to all the single ladies and guys out there. All the Single Pringles like myself, you’re recognized.

Now there are categories to this singleness ooo. Let’s not deceive ourselves okurr. You can be single and be getting some, catching your cruise. Here, you’re single but plural.

And you can be single and be singular. Like have nothing intimate to do with the opposite sex at all.

You know your category.

However, this post is not to judge anybody but rather to appraise accordingly. Basically, there are some people that can never be single. Once one relationship is ending, on to another, piam (I don’t know how you guys do this but I wish you all the best cause you ain’t gonna run from yourself forever)

That being said…

To everyone out there who is genuinely embracing their single phase, taking in those tough days when you want to rant to someone but not just anyone, the “God When” gang, the people that have refused to settle for or unnecessarily manage or change 60% of someone, the ones that are learning and unlearning their toxic traits not just for their next partner but for themselves…

Ironically, many people are looking for people who can love them all the way but feel they don’t exist as a result of their experiences. 2019 is over and we move regardless. You’re not abnormal if you’re not in a relationship. You’re not stupid because you decided not to settle. You’re not delusional to still believe in true love and the love you deserve.

Keep hanging in there and keep creating your happiness. You’ll be just fine and you’ll get what you want. Patience will give it to you.

To all our brothers and sisters in couple goals worthy relationships, we tap into the anointing.

Cheers to loving love and cheers to loving you.


  1. It’s very encouraging to know someone else believes that no matter the extent of your “singleness” there’s still love out there for you😩😩
    Thank you Lois💕💕

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