Be Happy,





MAYBE Erotically…

My head be spinning 360,

Thoughts rotating on the wheel.

The good, the bad, picture perfect, beautiful memories, tears, stirring in the ceiling, having a best friend, looking at my lover, venting, irritation, laughing on the ground, sadness, praying, being picked up, mental trade fair, music…

From a place of gratitude, from a place of thanksgiving. I marvel in awe how the time has passed.

The friends we’ve lost mentally and physically,

The people that disappointed us,

The ones that pushed us aside because we failed to live up to standard,

The species we “humiliatingly” snubbed because we thought they weren’t our spec,

The humans we failed unknowingly because we valued materialism above humanitarianism.

Nothing out of the ordinary but yet you, yes you, your 2019 has revolved around this.

Strive to do better,

Happy New Year.


  1. Straight up, we move. Less load to enter with into 2020.

    To friends that turned out to be devils, we pray the fire in hell won’t be so hot all the times.

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