Hi guys, trust your new year is kicking off just fine.

So I was going through my gram and scrolling past celebrities pages, talking on different projects they are excited to release very soon and all of that. To top it up one of my role models was talking of how to get up, be disciplined, stop being lazy and all that.

You know the worse part of it all, I was just waking up. In fact I had a very lazy day and “all the things I’m working on are not gonna come out anytime soon” and so there was this short feeling of pressure. This feeling that hit me like “Lois what are you doing, you’re here sleeping and being lazy whilst the world is moving” bla bla bla.

In those few seconds, I had to breathe in and out and remind myself that I knew better.

Everybody’s timing can never be the same! Heck, you don’t even set your own timing sometimes. You work on something and you want to put it out there and Holy Spirit tells you, “if you do, you’re ON YOUR OWN and it won’t sell as much” or it’s not just sitting right with your instincts.

Point is, be conscious of your timing, the timing God has for you. Not everybody acts on divine positioning. You have no idea the background work these people do to get things ready. You might be so under prepared but because everybody is releasing or dropping something, you want to prove too that you’ve not been sleeping and then you’ll end up messing up the project, making people steal your idea and all. Then you become frustrated.

Relationships inclusive too. Some friends are supposed to be just friends for now and partners later but because all your friends are doing couple goals, you start rushing things and then you flop it.

Come, sleep, calm down, strategize, play out your thoughts well, commit it to God, trust him and you’ll be fine. Sometimes, working hard is not enough, you need to wait. Don’t let anybody give you high blood pressure. You’ll be just fine.

P.S( this is not me saying you should lazy and take your sweet time with your projects. Don’t use my words as an excuse for your reluctance in your project). IF YOU’RE ACTUALLY JUST LAZY, STEP UP YOUR GAME!


  1. You know those times when you felt something or knew something but wasn’t sure and kinda felt like you needed some sort of validation and then you get that. That feeling, that singular overwhelming feeling. Yes that one. I got it right now. Thanks Lois.

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