Season 2 Episode 11

Looking at the relatively small size of Namibia, there’s a diversity of languages spoken by her people. Let’s look at 3 of its major languages and the common phrases that’d help you whenever you’re visiting Namibia.


Good morning – Mwa lele po

Good afternoon – Wa uhala po

Good Evening – Mwa tokelwa po

Good night – Nangalei po nawa

Hello – Ongaipi? 

I am fine – Onawa

And you – Ove ongaipi? 

See you later –  Oshi liwete. 

Good-bye – Kalei po nawa

Thank you – Tangi unene or Iyaloo 

You are welcome – Oshi li nawa

Are you doing well? – Ou li nawa? 

Yes, I am doing well –  Ehee, ondi li nawa

Nice to meet you – We uya po

What is your name? – Oove lye? 

My name is… – Aame… 

Where are you from? – Owa dja peni? 

I am from Zambia – Onda dja ko Zambia


Good morning – Morokeni. Muna rara po

Good afternoon – Morokeni. Muna zuhwara po

Good evening – Morokeni. Muna tokwera po

Good night – Ngurova zeni. Tokwereni po. Rareni po

Hi/Hello – Moro

I am fine – Ame nawa tupu

Nice to meet you – Nawa eyi tuna gwanekere 

What is your name? – Nyove yilye Edina lyoge? 

My name is… – Edina lyange nyame … 

Where are you from? – Kupiko wa tunda? or Kupi ko ono kutunda? 

I am from Zambia –  Ame kwa tunda koZambia or Ame kwa kutunda koZambia? 

Do you speak Afrikaans? – Ove kuuyunga Afrikaans? 

Sorry, I am in a hurry – Mbili tupu, ame kuna genderere. 

I will be right back – Ntaantani ni ka tengure.

Where is your house – Kupi ko lya kara embo lyoge? 

Where do you live? – Kupi ko wa kara? 


Good morning – Wa penduka nawa 

Good afternoon – Wa uhara nawa

Good Evening – Wa tokerwa nawa

Good night – Tokerwa nawa

Hello – Tjike or Koree 

I am fine – Mbi ri nawa. 

And you? – Korove? 

See you later – Matu hakaene kombunda 

Good-bye – Kara nawa or Karee nawa 

Thank you – Okuhepa or Ndang

You are welcome – Okuhepa or Ndangi

Are you doing well? – U ri nawa? 

Yes, I am doing well – Ii, mbi ri nawa

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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