So, I’ll always say I’m not the most perfect Christian but I’ll just paint what I had to go through and hope it helps someone out there.

So couple of weeks back,

I was trying to make a decision and I told God to help me.

I was earnestly praying, calling on God(imagine me shaking my head and kabashing). Not like I was actually shaking my head, I just wanted to paint a picture of how serious I was.

Here’s the deal breaker.

While I was there praying, my logic was still trying to do one or two. Logically, I had already made my decision almost like I was waiting for God to validate. The tiny sign he even tried to show me, I was double interpreting. Until one faithful Sunday he got to me and he spoke. After that, I backed down on my decision. What’s the point of this post?

Sometimes God is not speaking because he knows at that point, you only want to hear yourself so he cannot come and be “making noise”. Then it will be his word against yours…no now.

Check your hearts and intentions guys. God knows best. Stop trying to help God, let God be God, stop trying to box God in your shallow thoughts.

To whom it may concern, stop prolonging the time God is going to speak to you simply because you’re still fighting and you’ve not surrendered.


  1. You’re right. We need to be more sensitive to the spirit of God—to be precise, the holy spirit. God might not talk to use through his voice…as many would think it’s a very deep voice 😄. He might not talk to us at the time we want him to (which still requires our sensitivity). He can talk to us through our reasons/thoughts, signs(VERY IMPORTANT YOU’RE AWARE ALWAYS), our friends, our pastors, spouse and many more. One majot way we think God isn’t speaking to us or we aren’t hearing is the lack of spiritual sensitivity.


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