If you know me personally and you’ve not heard me say this, you actually don’t know me personally lol.

So guys, on today’s episode of emotional shenanigans, I just want to rant tiny.

Couple of weeks back, it was my birthday and yes it was beautiful. Most beautiful I’ve had butttt I noticed something that was so mind blowing and I was really perplexed.

I couldn’t understand how some people were viewing my story back to back, like some of them will even be the first to view it if I’m not mistaken but they couldn’t slide into my dm to say “Happy birthday”. I just couldn’t fathom cause my whatsapp contact is more enclosed than instagram so I knew these people personally. Just Incase you’re confused, this was my basic interpretation, I’ll put it in a dream format.

Say in your dream, you were celebrating an addition to your life, a win, an achievement and you see people that know you and they just walk past like nothing is happening.

It made me realize that in this life not everybody is truly happy for you but two sides to this. When they see you on that world stage, they start telling people how your friends brothers cousins sister introduced both of you or God forbid you’re dead, they’ll be the first to start posting heart felt brouhaha’s.

On a final note, Humans will always be humans and you can’t choose a persons reaction to your wins.

However, you can choose how you reciprocate.

It’s a new year and yes guys, WE’RE GOING TO KEEP THE SAME ENERGY!😊Except Jesus says otherwise.

Have an amazing weekend.


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