Hii guys, so without beating around the bush I’ll just go straight to the point.

I recently moved to Abuja, Nigeria from Port-Harcourt for my service year. The distance between my house to work is pretty far so if I were to use taxify or Uber everyday to work, I’ll be spending nothing less than 3,000 or 10 dollars 4 days a week .

Balancing my books with how much I’m getting from work and NYSC, coupled with the fact that I’m taking care of my feeding, the numbers were adding up very poorly and so I decided to take the regular cabs. My point today is just trying to show you how taxi/bus drivers make a lot of money.

Case study of Ph, Lagos and Abuja (Nigeria)

In PH, Nigeria… going from Garrison to Abuloma, you pay N150 and the distance is not even all that. 5 In a car, do the maths.

In Lagos, Nigeria…from Berger to ayobo, bus drivers charge N400. About 15 or more in a bus, do the maths.

In Abuja, Nigeria…from Wuse to lugbe, cab drivers charge N200, 6 in a car, do the maths.

Miscellaneous will definitely be included. All the money they pay for loading at the park and to their union. Fuel and little car repairs.

Now let’s not forget that this is just 1 round drive that can be completed in less than 30 minutes (lagosians deal with your traffic please😂). So imagine a driver starting work at 6am in the morning and closing 6pm with hard work, planning and consistency.

The truth is that, these drivers make way more than some of your suit and tie brothers and sisters. Not everybody is also built for the hustle and that’s perfect but sometimes you have a dream that ONLY YOU can see your destination, WHAT DO YOU DO TO FUND IT WITH LITTLE OR NO HELP?

Yours doesn’t have to be driving though. I want to say a lot but I’ll leave you with this to decipher. In business, LESS IS MORE. I hope this makes you to task your brain until you find a solution.

See you on Friday guys.

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