Gen 3:

1. … “Did God tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?” (The serpent speaking)

2. … “God said we could eat fruit from any tree in the garden, except the one in the middle. He told us not to eat fruit from that tree or even to touch it. If we do, we will die.” ( Eve Speaking)

3. …”No, you won’t!” the snake replied…”

Let’s try to break this down with you in the picture and see it this way.

Sometimes, God gives you an instruction, drops this fantastic idea in your heart, gives you an amazing strategy on how to approach a case, tells you how the exact vision he wants for you looks like etc and you start off well. Then friends come along to show you “a better way” and most times we fall because we’re not focused on God and it’s mind-blowing how we easily listen to someone else that was not there when we were on the drawing board with God and asking him questions.

We go contrary to the original plan God had, it fails, we go back to start blaming God and feeling sorry when we start recounting our losses and saying hard I known.

Sometimes, you’re literally fighting on the inside, you don’t have peace of mind, you’re restless. These are signs already but for some reason we ignore…

Listening to God, prevents you from being Naked to man. This new year guys, no matter how heart breaking and tough that financial, physical or even emotional decision might be, make a promise to yourself to be ADAMANT WITH YOUR INSTINCTS AND TRUST GOD.

Help me God.

Help us.

Enjoy your weekend guys.


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