February is coming guys and we decided to spice of the last Friday and last day of this month with a love talk. Reason being that we just wanted to be the first blog outchea to launch you into the love month.

It’s Podcast Friday and we had a full house of five, men and women mixed. Talking about LOVE AND VALENTINE. Some even shared their stories. The links are below to access the podcast.

General link

Apple Podcasts


    1. Thanks hun
      Using headphones can help or listening to it in an area with less noise.
      Your complaint is noted and we’ll definitely work on it.
      Thanks again.


  1. Nice work Lois.
    This has made my day.
    My highlights will be:
    1. love is more than just words, it’s an in-depth feeling.. meant to be shown everyday, gifts can be given at any time and for couples who want to pick February 14th it’s not a bad thing.
    2. People get disappointed in love because the see love as a give me I give you day and that’s totally wrong. That’s why you get boxers and singlet and feel cheated.
    3. Of course cut you suit according to you own size.. lol… No pressure.
    4. Self love is good Lois I agree, but you know people should love, love is beautiful, not because you got boxers and singlet last time decide not to love. Find love. It’s a month of love
    Finally, greetings to you all Lois ,Sayo, Samuel 2, Adeleke and Chiemela. Great work

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