Hi guys,

So we’re stuck with love talks this month but I know some people like it so let’s catch this cruise.

Shout out to all the brave ladies out there changing the narrative and telling guys how they really feel about them.

To all the ladies damning the consequences of name calling and being talked about by their girlfriends. All the ladies that are brave enough to go after that man they want. Yes the ones that are planning on proposing, I think I need to lay down on the floor for you because me I cannot do that one but yeah, let’s TALK.

So don’t laugh at me please, (I said let’s catch cruise together and y’all know I keep it real 😂). Last year, I had a mad crush on this guy and I’m not even going to lie to you, I still really do but yeah we’re talking about last year.

This feeling was frustrating me cause I’m an impatient person and my feelings are not out of this meaning that I got tired and agitated of having to keep quiet. I just wanted to air these feelings and be alright. Did I wish he saw things like I did, hell yeah. Was I ready to take my “L” in peace, hell double yeah😂. One thing was for sure I just wanted these feeling out of me. Fast forward to 2020, It’s valentine in less than two weeks and am I still single, super double yeah😂😂😂.

The point of this post is, don’t die ooo. Open your mouth and TALK. Fuvking shoot that shot if you have to. I now even found out a friend of mine I just met recently had known me since 2017 and was crushing on me and I had no idea up until 2020 so who knows what could have happened. What’s the worse that could happen if you tell this person you have feelings for him/her. I promise you, you’ll wake up the next day😂. Yes yes, you’re scared of the friendship or “best-friendship” breaking. Easier said that done but just take that bold step.

Please air your feelings and be alright. It could work, it couldn’t but at least you’re not beating yourself up in regret of what you have no idea could have been beautiful or not.


  1. Interesting facts. One thing is for sure about this romance in the air syndrome. I just pray every couple out there truly understands that everyday and moment should kind of be constant love and understanding between couples; for a healthy relationship.

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  2. One this I’m afraid of is rejection😥 because I have always been a victim or love gone sour and so it’s very difficult now for me to shoot my shot. Man I rather keep the rifle in its case and go play some snooker… Its very hard to take the L for some of us who really love deep. But Las Las we go dey alright….😎

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    1. Awwwn, I feel you hun. Rejection hurts! No freaking two ways. I know how it feels. Hard as it might seem, any corner corner you want to take, if you like someone enough to want to have something mutual, please find out if the person feels same way. Might not be directly but anyhow so you don’t end up loving someone from a distance and the person is loving you back and you have absolutely no idea.


    2. Mikey dear i have seen a couple of my friends use this trick. Am not sure of how well it will help you that’s that. so here is it.

      Air your feelings to that person and if there’s a no (rejection) sweetheart laugh it out. make it as though you were joking. if it’s a friend the better cos you can laugh at how funny their face was or something. 😂😂😂😂

      this might be dumb but like you would have stop beating yourself with what ifs.

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