Touch me,

Touch my soul.

Hold me,

Hold my body.

Talk to me,

Talk to my heart.

Don’t let go,

Cause I don’t want to.

I want to hold on to not just your calls,

I want to hold on to your voice,

Holding on to it till I can hear it in my head.

I want to hold on to not just your messages,

But holding on to it till your vocabulary affects mine.

I want to hold on to not just your pictures in my gallery,

But touching your face and stirring deep into your eyes because I simply can’t get enough of you.

When you ask me if I want you,

I want to reply, yes, yes, all of you

But then I can’t even give you an answer because whatever answer I might give will be too poor . Not even money can quantify how much I want you.

I want to support you,

I want to build with you,

I want to learn from you,

I want to understand you,

I want to laugh with you,

I want to talk to you about God,

I want to bare my emotions with you,

I want to touch your soul,

I want to look at you and just be lost in the world that I can see in your eyes alone.

I want to hold your hands, let our fingers inter-twine, breathe in and out and feel our spirits connecting without having to say a word.

All of me is what I want you to have.

Not some parts of me.

Just all of me,

No reservations I promise.

Just all of me.

It’s lovers month and yes, we’re still loving up. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful piece.

Have a love filled weekend, spreading love to people.


  1. Love is when you VIBE! like REAL VIBE! and you understand yourselves, you always want the person close to you, you want to feel his or her aura 🌹🌹🌹


  2. For a moment i was lost wondering which blog i was at. this is beautiful lois. and yes love month people, in as much as this is a love month and we are dedicating our love to others please remember the one who truly first loved you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun,
      We can’t forget the one who first loved us b.
      You should check out our pwl corner.
      As mush as were dishing out love posts on our posting days, we’re also talking about the love God has for us through out this month too😊❤️.
      Keep reposting for your friends and the world to see❤️


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