So guys,

What’s the point of having to be in a relationship when there’s a 50/50 chance that you and your partner may break up in the end. Or, let me try to push my luck, 70/30 chance and then you’re left to yourself with the hurt, pain, bitterness, memories…

Yes, memories are the worse of them all because you can be walking on the road and catch his scent and emotions start flooding or someone does something like she does, something as little as her laughter. Oh, I forgot the messages replay in your head.

Times were you guys talked about a well spent day together, how they miss you, how they can’t wait to see you, sometimes you people even talked about marriage, baby names and named parts of your body together. Cute right.


Trying to pick yourself back up, remembering the person you were before he/she came into your life. Sometimes, on a very deep angle, you even start trying to find meaning to life but calm down before you think I’m siding you now…

On a little flip side…

Just like when you fail, you don’t give up. That a love got sour or things didn’t happen as planned doesn’t mean you should give up. First, pick yourself up, heal properly so you don’t hurt other people and if you see someone worth giving a chance, by all means please do.

We all want to be loved and we all want love genuinely. No matter how hurt you are or you’ve been you can’t deny this fact.

So yeah don’t sideline the phrase “be the change you want to see”. It applies to your love life too. One step at a time, don’t even try to rush it. So you know even if it doesn’t end up in the altar, you’re not ending up bitter.

I know you might not have the vibe or energy and you have a lot of “what if’s playing in your head” BUT

You’ll be fine sweetheart,

I promise you’ll be.

You owe it yourself to be.


  1. I think a major cause of this is that people don’t even now why they get into relationships. They just “go with the flow”. Because you’re crushing on someone and the feeling is mutual doesn’t mean you should date the person, you’ve just been spending too much time with or around the person. Oga calm down, it will end in rivers of salty tears. If you’re not looking at long term with the person, kuku stay away, and don’t start making the plans when you’ve started catching the feelings o; you will just deceive yourself. The same head you will use to start asking “what did I even see in him/her” afterwards is the same head you should use to start asking the same questions before you guys start out. The truth is, once you find someone in sync with you without all the butterflies, and you guys spend time working toward and building a relationship, you will have something strong and durable outside all the emotions. Those are the ones that last.

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  2. Nice one…..a major lesson is whatever it is anyone who comes into your life comes for a reason especially in a relationship…every individual you come across adds to your life story… its meant to build you not break you.

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