First things first,

This is me giving a huge shout out to my brother Valentine Tarikabor. It’s his birthday today and it freaking saves me talks of “who is your valentine?” cause people that don’t know he’s my brother end up falling for it when I post his picture😂. The joke never really gets old.

Second shout out goes to my single fellows in the house. Fear not, be not tensioned, say no more! You have a partner backing you. If you ever in the slightest try to feel down that you’re not getting any flowers or nobody is playing trumpet for you to wake up, you’re not getting proposed to, nobody is sliding into your dm to say ‘awwwn, cute, God when…’. It’s not the end of the world okay😂.

I would say take yourself out but then again you might feel it more. You can hang out with your friends, party with your squad, have your friends come over for indoor games and all. That should be fun.

For my “elderly” people in relationships, there can be levels to this vals oo. People be comparing gifts, some are looking for ring on their finger, some are trying not to get pregnant, some will have issues of condom bursting😂etc. You people have too much wahala on this day, deal with it yourselves since y’all are grown up😂😂.

To wrap this up. Please check on your siblings, friends and loved ones that are teenagers. Ladies kindly watch out for younger girls. On this day all in in the name of love, people also get raped, drinks are spiked, the club is actually not your best friend, the naivety of young girls are greatly explored because they can be gullible and vulnerable especially those relationships of uncle in final year and his girlfriend is in her 1st year.

Do what makes you happy guys but remember that your happiness should not be detrimental to your emotional health and your future.

TGIF. Keep spreading love😊❤️

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