The love I lost or I thought I lost.

Lol, what exactly am I trying to say…it feels like a distant memory but somehow it still plays out.

Text messages moving as slide shows in my heart.

Emotions still making me smile and shaking my head.

Sometimes tears, sometimes laughter, sometimes pain and then there’s the pinch.

The pinch I give to myself to wake up girl.

The pinch of reality.

I wanted what was best for me even though he meddled…

I wanted what was best for him too and I felt not me but the plans I had what was best for me.

Was I wrong, yes.

Do I wish things could be better, MAYBE.

Am I happy with were my love life is…lol

I laugh at my love life every single time but at this point the laughter be so serious that I’m hitting the table.

Loving someone that doesn’t love you in return. You’ll most likely relate to it.

Some parts of you wants to hold on.

Some parts of you makes comparison with your “ex”

Some parts of you weighs what the future might look like and then your head starts aching because deep down,

You’re yet to get that peace, that re-assurance, that conviction that even if you decide to throw in the towel today, you’re not making a mistake.

You dread assuming, you don’t want to overthink it but deep down, your instincts tell you otherwise regardless of the passion.

2 scenarios,

Obvious answers,

Peace a void

Status quo unchanged.

So guys, this was a mix of different emotions. Advice, pick the part that suits you or you relate too and just let your mind roam around that thought.

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