Hi guys so it’s Friday and it’s still the lovers month.

So I closed from work this faithful day and I wanted to board a taxi home. I asked the driver if he was going my way and he said yes but that he was not going to stop where I wanted him to stop but that I could take a bike there or another cab. The fare was the same and it would definitely cost me more so it wasn’t working for me. I told the driver not to bother.

Almost immediately, another driver came along heading my way exactly, I didn’t need to stress and I didn’t need to pay more.

I was going over this event in my head and it just hit me that sometimes, you meet a guy or a lady and y’all start talking. Deep down you know this aunty or uncle is not what you’ve envisioned in the long run. You enter the car (the persons life). Time to drop nau, you start thinking of the stress and the extra fare you have to pay.

In this case, when the person wants to walk away or you yourself, you start thinking of time invested, begging the person to just get to your destination, asking the person if he can change route and all of that.

Stop managing people! Stop settling! You really don’t know what a little impatience will cost you and what a little more patience can do for you.

Have a thoughtful weekend thinking about your decisions and destinations in love. Wait for your right vehicle!


  1. Thanks for this.. I’m a victim of impatience and not waiting on the right time. Thanks for sharing your story, it has inspired me in so many ways.

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