Season 2 Episode 23

Welcome to today’s episode of Learn Africa where we’d be looking at some common phrases that would help you when you visit Lesotho.

The main language spoken in Lesotho is Sesotho which is the native language spoken by the Basotho or Sotho people, a majority of Lesotho Kingdom.

Below are some phrases that you could learn and make use of with time.

Hello – Dumela

How are you? – O kae?

I am fine – Ke teng

What is your name? – Lebitso la hao ke mang?

My name is… – Lebitso laka ke

Where are you from? – O tswa kae?

I’m from… – Ke tswa…

Yes – Ee

No – Tjhee

Please – Hle

Thank you – Ke a leboha

Help – Thusang

I am sorry – Ntshwarele

Good morning – Mmoro

Good evening – Fonane

Goodbye – Tsamaya hantle

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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