Hello guys, so currently we’re temporarily unavailable. This is only for a short period of time due to reasons beyond our control bothering on some technicalities but I just had to drop this here because it’s our third anniversary.

Yes, I’m celebrating three years of not just being a lifestyle blogger but a versatile content creator that has grown over the years and is still growing. I had a couple of interesting things lined up but oh well, when I’m back fully, I’ll roll them out.

I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who has followed and stayed committed to the blog over the years. The people that have listened to our podcasts, shared our posts without me even knowing, given suggestions on ways to improve and dropped comments on the site.

A lot of my friends ask and marvel on how I mange to stay consistent and that is one question I cannot answer. However, I would say that my readers and enthusiastic supporters have in one way or another influenced this consistency.

It’s three years and counting so expect more content and greater innovation. The main goal is to create an online community that will be a safe haven were people can come to and be at peace and yes, my team and I are working towards that.

I would definitely give you the gist of why I’m not available when I get back and oh myyyyyy, it is a very juicy one.

A very big thanks to God almighty for bringing us thus far and supplying us with unending ideas.

Cheers to 3 years and many more to go and Cheers to YOU!


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