Hi guys, trust you are doing good and enjoying your week. I’m just gonna head straight to the point.

Have you ever made a decision after weighing all the ‘possible’ odds and you just strongly feel in your heart that this just has to be it, nothing can go wrong and based on that strong intuition, you act.

Only for that decision you took as a result of what you thought was right to take a u- turn?

Well, in making this post I really just want to tell everyone out there to play it safe, have alternatives, have your back-up and your plan-c “just incase” but I’m sure we all know that for some situations , we only get one shot.

One shot to be truly right or wrong. So what makes you so sure that your preferred course of action is the right one? Sometimes, we can never tell. We never really know everything because we know in part and we just might be wrong.

So guys, this is me saying that just incase your preferred course of action was wrong as opposed to your instincts and you ended up playing a wrong card, don’t beat yourself up. You’re never going to get it right all the time no matter how calculated you think you are. Shake off that dust and forge ahead. You’ve got this.

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