Season 2 Episode 27

We looked at some of mouth watering cuisines in Angola in our last two episodes of Learn Africa.

In today’s episode of Learn Africa, we’d be looking at the major tribes that can be found in Angola.

The major tribes in Angola include;

  • Ovimbundu
  • Kimbundu
  • Bakongo


This is the largest ethnic group found in Angola as it consists of a majority of 37% of the total population of Angola. The Ovimbundu tribe are a Bantu tribe that practice agriculture, animal husbandry while some are traders.

The major language spoken by the Ovimbundu tribe is the Umbundu language which is their official language.


The Kimbundu tribe otherwise known as Mbundu or Ambundu tribe of Angola are the second largest ethnic group comprising about 25% of the total population of Angola. The Kimbundu tribe are majorly found in the northwest region of Angola.

The native language of the Kimbundu tribe is the Kimbundu language. They practice matrilineal land inheritance.


The Bakongo tribe is the third largest ethnic group which makes up 13% of the total population of Angola. They descended from the Bantu immigrants that moved into Angola. The Bakongo tribe once ruled Angola as power belonged to them.

The Bakongo people speak the Kikongo language as their native language.

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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