Rhea was a simple girl. She didn’t have many friends. She found her peace in books. Books were her only friends. But for everyone in the class, she was the only helping lady. Be it the last time class notes or a weekly assignment, everyone knew that Rhea has a solution of everything.

She was happy in her own little world. Seeing the pranks of Mr. Cupid all around her, she too dreamt of her loving prince. Though she never revealed her romantic side to anyone, like every other girl, she too has her type. Her demands for her ideal partner were as simple as she was. Honest,loyal and understanding was the man of her dreams.

And then a new admission, Rajeev knocked the doors of her heart. She felt a connection with him which she never experienced before. Though Rajeev was not somebody that could turn many heads, still there was something in him that struck Rhea. His simplicity,his sharpness in solving tricky questions, and his timing in giving perfect answers robbed Rhea’s heart. The nerdy heads discovered friendship in their love for books.

Rhea loved being with him. With long study sessions and late hour discussions, Rhea felt even more for him. She always wanted to confess about her feelings, but the fear of losing her only friend stopped her every time. “What if , he said no?” ” I will lose Rhea. it is not the right thing..”, these thoughts were always on her mind.

It was the last day of college. Rajeev was moving out for pursuing higher studies. Rhea was happy for him, but a small part of her heart was still crying. She wanted to tell him how she felt but her fear overpowered her love. She bade him adieu.

Even after 8 years of a happy married life, that small text from Rajeev made her eyes wet,

“I have never came across such a great girl in my entire life. After meeting you, I felt as if I have found myself. But I always thought what would happen if you would reject me. I never wanted to spoil our friendship. But I am really happy for you. And I wish all happiness of the world to you. Stay happy..Stay nerdy..take care..”:)


She read his message one more time. She regretted losing her unsaid love.

Written by Vinita Punjabi

Hi guys, so this is a true story that happened and you’re going to be seeing these stories once in a month. So enjoy them as they come and drop your opinions in the comment section. If you like be afraid of love. Fear fear, continue fearing.


  1. I can honestly relate to this story. I wish life could be just easy. I wish it didnt have to spoil their friendship if the other person said ‘no’.


  2. I just kept asking myself, “weren’t there signs of interest from both ends”?
    Putting myself in the girls shoes, I will say the guy is a coward 🥺


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