Hi guys, TGIF!

So growing up in my primary 5, my class teacher complained to my parents that I usually get distracted so fast. It’ll be time for my class to match out of the assembly line singing whatever song and before you know it, I’m a little zoned out. It gets to my turn and the person behind me has to tap me “move, it’s your turn”

Now the goal is to match out of the line when I’m supposed to so that I don’t keep others waiting but for some reason I usually get distracted and miss that really short term goal. Let’s bring this home.

You’re supposed to be reading your bible with your phone but for some reason you fail to turn off your mobile data and now, you’re replying every Tom, Dick and Harry but you’re still claiming you’re in your “quiet” time.

You already set out time to accomplish a task. Your friend comes unexpectedly with one gist and you’re off.

You have a financial goal that you’ve been saving up for. Suddenly you hear that whole sale naija is doing sales and this hair is so mad that you can’t even let it slip for that price. Start from ground zero.

When will you put your feet down and focus, when will you consciously separate yourself from all the noise, all the procrastination, all the unnecessary things taking your time that you can avoid?

When will you not be distracted from your long term goals by keeping your short term goals?

I hope this charges you into the week. Have a focused weekend guys.


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