Season 2 Episode 29

Welcome to today’s episode of Learn Africa where we’d be looking at some common phrases that would help you when you visit Angola.

The main native language spoken in Angola is Umbundu which is spoken by the Ovimbundu tribe that consists of a majority and some other tribes.

Below are some useful phrases in Umbundu language..

Welcome – Ukombe weya 

Hello (General greeting) – Wakolapo (sg) / Wakolipo (pl)

How are you? – Wakolapo (sg) / Wakolipo (pl)

Reply to ‘How are you?’ – Ndakolapo (I’m fine) / Twakolapo (We’re fine)

What’s your name? – Velye olonduko vene? (frm) /  Helye onduko yove? (inf)

My name is … – Onduko yange ame

Where are you from? – Pi ofeka yove

I’m from … – Ofeka yange … 

Good morning – Utanya uwa

Good afternoon – Ekumbi liwa

Good evening – Uteke uwa

Good night – Pekelapo ciwa

Goodbye – Ndanda

Do you speak English? – Ove ovangula English?

Do you speak Umbundu? – Ove ovangula umbundu?

Sorry – Ngecele (sg) / Twecele (pl)

Please – Ndinge ohenda

Thank you – Ndapandula (sg) / Twapandula (pl)

Reply to thank you – Lacimwe

Written and edited by Ebenezer Oladokun

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